ISP block Tor Network fix

Tor Browser running

Do you have a problem with using Tor network and you think that your ISP blocks connection to Tor ?!!

Tor have the solution , just use it.ISP can block known Tor gateways , but can’t block unknown dynamic bridges (or proxies) that redirect you to Tor Network, So let’s see how easy it is to use bridges in Tor Browser .

01. Open Tor browser and press configure :

Configure Tor Browser

02. Does ISP block Tor , select YES :

ISP block Tor Network

03. Tor Bridges Configuration :

The default is good enough , but you can choose another from provided list or can add custom bridges .

Tor Bridges Configuration

04. Local Proxy Configuration :

If you use a proxy , press Yes and provide proxy information , otherwise select No , Then click Connect to run Tor .

Local proxy configuration

Now it will prepare Tor Connection :

Tor connection

Finally , Tor is running successfully !!

Tor Browser running

That is it , i hope it was simple , Thanks for joining me.
Enjoy !!


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