How to install Arch Linux on VMware

How to install arch linux

How to install Arch Linux on VMware is a critical question for people who are new to Linux or Arch Linux Distribution. Arch Linux is a simple , lightweight Linux distribution , even it is beautiful , it doesn't have installer to setup easily. Let's start and watch Video : Download Arch Linux latest version … Continue reading How to install Arch Linux on VMware


Linux wget download manager

linux wget as downloader

wget stands for "web get". It is a command-line utility which downloads files over network.wget is a free utility for non-interactive download of files from the web. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols, as well as retrieval through HTTP proxies. wget support resume and speed limiting capabilites. 01. Installing wget : for Redhat,CentOS,.... yum … Continue reading Linux wget download manager

sh vs bash vs ksh vs csh

linux shell vs bash vs ksh vs csh

Since the Bourne Again SHell is a superset of sh, all sh commands will also work in bash - but not vice versa. bash has many more features of its own, and, as the table below demonstrates, many features incorporated from other shells. Since the Turbo C shell is a superset of csh, all csh … Continue reading sh vs bash vs ksh vs csh

Bash common features

linux bash common features

The following features are standard in every shell. Note that the stop, suspend, jobs, bg and fg commands are only available on systems that support job control. Common Shell Features Command Meaning > Redirect output >> Append to file < Redirect input << "Here" document (redirect input) | Pipe output & Run process in background. … Continue reading Bash common features

Bash advanced variables

bash arrays

There are cases when you want to avoid this kind of behavior, for instance when handling telephone and other numbers. Apart from integers and variables, you may also want to specify a variable that is a constant. This is often done at the beginning of a script, when the value of the constant is declared. … Continue reading Bash advanced variables